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Over the past several months, surveys have been conducted by local Erie, PA race team, 26g, owned and operated by George LaBarbera who has been racing for 14 years in dirt track auto racing at numerous race tracks across the country. After suffering the expense of shock losses over the years, George invented the shock protector. The coil over shock protector is a much needed piece of equipment to increase the life of the high dollar racing shocks. The surveys conducted at an array of race tracks revealed almost a 99% approval rating for the product. The product has been shown to shock manufacturers and although it is their business to sell shocks, they still feel it is a very good product. There are 50 states of which all have local racing circuits including dirt, asphalt and clay based tracks. That’s a lot of shocks to protect!

Our product will be used by late models, sprint cars, drag cars, etc. A large portion of our initial customer base will be hobbyists of racing, much like George LaBarbera who race locally and regionally on smaller scale race tracks. As these men and women who race for the pure passion of the sport, the costs associated with their hobby can often be cumbersome. Frequent purchases and repairs of car parts such as tires and shocks, engine tune-ups, travel expenses from track to track on the weekends, as well as race entry fees often hit the pocketbook of the racing enthusiast at the end of the day. From his own experience and knowledge of the racing industry and market, George LaBarbera has been feeling the financial effects of local racing for years. Sometimes winning prize money by placing in a race often offsets the costs of preparing for that particular race. As the cost of shocks alone can typically range from $200-$800 and are often replaced every couple of races depending on the wear and tear, George LaBarbera (with the help of his racing team) has invented a product which significantly improves the life of a shock and at the end of the day keeps money in the pockets of those race car drivers who truly love their hobby.

The racing industry is a growing industry and the cost of racing shocks is constantly increasing. Therefore, there is a need to help extend the life of the shocks to cut costs. Our product will fit most shocks and spring manufactured products. At the present time there is not another product like ours on the market, as proven by the pending patent on Big Shot Performance’s new invention. The long term outlook for the industry nationally for our product is overwhelming, as there has always been racing and always will be racing. If our product succeeds domestically, international distribution will be sought with the aid of Motor State. The racing industry in Europe is huge and has really taken off in recent years. The price of our product will more than off set the price of replacing shocks. The coil over shock protector keeps the spring true. Therefore, it does not allow the spring to come in contact with the shock. It comes in contact with the protector and prevents damage to the shock itself. This cost savings will greatly benefit car owners, sponsors and race teams.

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