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To add a link to us on your page

Choose an icon:

Saving an Icon to Your Hard Drive

Choose the above icon that you wish to use. Place your mouse over the top of the icon and click your right mouse button. In Firefox or Netscape, select Save Image As.... In Microsoft Internet Explorer, select Save Picture As.... You'll then get a dialog box asking you where you want to save the icon. Select a folder on your hard drive and press OK. The icon is now in that folder!

Adding the Icon to Your Page

To include the icon in your page, simply include the following HTML:

<a href=""><img alt="Home of the one and only Shock Saver" width="150" height="65" src="(image path and name)" border="0"></a>

(image path and name) is the location where you saved the icon on your web server. Please use the icons to link only to

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